Lynda Shephard
British, Born 1956

 Lynda began her training at Cambridge University in 1974, where she studied History of Art. This background led her to develop the acute observational skills so evident in her work, most notably in her paintings of landscape and architecture.

 After Cambridge, with two successful exhibitions already behind her , she left the UK in 1980  for the jungles of Papua New Guinea and has travelled extensively ever since. She currently divides her time between Dubai, London and New Zealand.

 Lynda works in a variety of media but her most outstanding and acclaimed pieces are usually in watercolour. "I am interested in the way light travels over a landscape and across  architecture. Watercolour allows me to infuse sunlight and shadows in my paintings in a way that no other medium can."

 The brilliant blues and violets in her work are most striking and they leave the viewers with a sense of serenity. Lynda is particularly concerned with the emotive power of colour. She has a thorough knowledge of colour theory, but also possesses a heightened sensitivity to colour vibrations and the role they play in her work.

 For Lynda, painting is a way of life and her attitude is one of complete immersion and total involvement. In addition to her reputation as a professional and established artist, she is an art educator, offering a number of workshops in her studios during the year.

  As a business woman, Lynda founded The Creative Art Centre in Dubai in 1994. The Centre sells her work within its own retail space and Lynda sells privately to several Ruling Families, Corporate and Financial Institutions.